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Videos to Watch

Eating Our Way to Extinction – a video documentary, 2021, 1 hour 22 minutes

Most of us would rather not think about how a package of grocery store meat is processed for consumers.  This documentary is meant to get your attention about the ugly side of raising meat for consumption and how it is impacting our food industry and important natural resources.  It is meant to change your perception of food and the earth's current eco crisis.
        The film includes beautifully shot footage from around the world showing our priceless forests, oceans, crop lands and water supplies.  It is educational and entertaining, providing many related facts such as:  over half of the earth's tropical rain forest has been destroyed, only 6% of the soy crop worldwide is used for human consumption, 33% of all fish are fed to livestock, 75% of all antibiotics are given to livestock, and trillions of gallons of water are needed to raise livestock.  The film points out the benefits for reduction of meat consumption are that there will be less deforestation to grow crops for livestock, less water will be used to raise livestock and grow crops, more water will be available for humans and human crops, and less methane will be produced by livestock.
        As a person who is working to increase my knowledge about climate change and what is impacting our earth, I appreciated the education this film provided, along with simple things people can do to help with our eco issues.  Not all viewers will quickly change their eating habits, but many will at least be wiser about the price of meat production.   I think this is a must-see film. - Pam Klich

Available on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, VUDU and more.


Click here to watch this short, fascinating video about The Ocean Cleanup - System 002.  Boyan Slat is trying to clean up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is the size of the state of Texas, and also turn trash into something truly valuable.


Water recycling, 4 minutes, click here
Earthship home and Conservation communities, 25 minutes, click here

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Sierra Club Outdoors, 3 minutes, click here 


A whale of a video, 5 minutes, click here


How Wolves Change Rivers, 4 minutes, click here 


Green Bronx Machine, 25 minutes, click here


How beavers engineer the land, 6 minutes, click here 


How Tasmanian devils heal forests, 6 minutes, click here 


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