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The Outings Corner

The Outings Corner is a column that runs in many issues of our email newsletter. We started publishing them in 2005. Most of the articles that have appeared in this column are on-line below.

Feeling Tired? Go Camping!

It will do great things for your mind and body.

Which Battery is Best

Pick the AA or AAA that is best for your application.

ICO Outreach

Your gift of nature to kids.

Dallas Sierra Club Backpack Trip Rating System

How our backpacking trips difficulty is rated.

My Personal Victory Over Altitude Sickness

by Mark Stein

Our First Sierra Club Backpacking Trip

By Kira and Marissa Collins, age 15

Why We Don't Build Fires

Why the Dallas Sierra Club does not allow fires on backpacking trips.

The Legend of the Sierra Club Bag Lady

How one of our bus trip participants became a legend.

Fatal Accident on Crestone Needle

What can we learn from this tragic accident.

Bus Trip Horror Stories

Which one of these bus trip horror stories is true?

Sip or Gulp, Bag or Bottle - Which Water Containers are Best for You?

To keep yourself hydrated, you have to carry water.

What's Wrong with Freeze Dried Food?

How much salt is in your favorite backpacking food.

Blisters - Small Spot, Big Deal!

A comprehensive look at how to treat blisters.

My First Bus Trip

A Sierra Club life member goes on her first bus trip.

How to Pick the Right Tent

There are a lot of tents out there.  Here are some guidelines to help you find the one that's right for you.

It's More Than Dinosaur Tracks

Discover Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Zamberlans Go To Windmill Hill

While breaking in a new pair of boots, this backpacker finds a great new hiking destination.

To Stink or Not To Stink . . . . That is the Question

You can be clean and stink free on your longest trip.

Mosquitoes and Ticks: What's a Camper To Do?

How to cope with all those little biters.

How to Prevent and (If You Must) Treat Foot Blisters

How to have happy feet.

Winter Mountain Camping and Hiking

You don't have to stop hiking and camping just because it's cold.

Peak Bus Comfort: Fourteen On-Board Tips

How to maximize your comfort while on one of our bus trips.

Hot Weather Camping and Hiking Tips

How to keep your cool.

How to Stay Dry in the Woods, Part Two: Plastic Bags 101

How to keep your stuff dry.

Staying Dry in the Wilderness - Part 1: Rain Gear

How to stay dry, comfortable, and warm.

Lightning Safety in the Outdoors

Don't get fried.

Outings Photography 101

Learn how to record where you have been and what you saw on your trip.

Kids with Backpacks

Are your kids ready to backpack? Read this interview with the parents of pint-sized backpackers.

Minimizing Altitude Sickness Symptoms on Mountain Trips

Learn what altitude sickness is and what you can do to prevent or minimize it.


Learn what you should have with you anytime you are going to be off the beaten track.

10 Essential Groups

An Updated Approach to Outdoor Safety

Wilderness Essentials for Your Car

Here is some great advise on how to prepare your car for a trip into the backcountry.


What you should know before hiking in bear country.

Backcountry Safety and Security

Be safe on outings.

Bus Trip Comfort

Tips on how to survive our bus trips in comfort.

Leave No Trace

Here are the details of the Leave No Trace principals followed on Sierra Club outings.


Snowshoeing is really quite easy.  Find out about this great winter sport.

Get Linked

Here are a bunch of links to just about everything related to backpacking.

Why Tote It

If you don't know how to canoe, you need to learn. Here's why.

The Best Canoe Trips

Looking for a good place to canoe? Here is a list of some of the best flat-water canoe trip in the lower 48.

Big Bend Naturally

Need a good reason to visit Big Bend National Park?  Check out the natural diversity of the park.

Tent Poles

How To Prevent And (If You Must) Fix A Broken Tent Pole

Federal Lands 101

An explanation of the five agencies that manage federal land

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