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Welcome to the Dallas Group of the Sierra Club

Dallas Sierra Club General Meeting - Tuesday, August 9

Trinity River Audubon Center

Audubon LogoPlease join us in welcoming Jake Poinsett, Program Manager at the Trinity River Audubon Center, to discuss his work in local conservation, preservation, and environmental programs.  Formerly a park ranger for Texas Parks and Wildlife, South Carolina State Parks, and the National Park Service, Jake will share his unique perspective on his travels, advocacy, and how the Dallas area can broaden its positive environmental impact city-wide.
Jake creates and presents environmental programs for all ages, leads habitat restoration projects, and manages volunteers.  In his spare time, he loves to go birding, look for snakes, and hang out in the yard with his pups.

FREE.  7:00 pm, Tuesday, August 9, Dallas Sierra Club at Brookhaven College

Map of meeting's location

Everybody is welcome.  You don't have to be a Sierra Club member.  Just show up.  We would love to meet you.

The meeting starts at 7:00 pm in building H, the Geotechnology Institute building.  From 6:30 to 7:00 you can enjoy snacks and refreshments as you wander among various issue booths to pick up information and talk with Sierra Club members.  Contact Victoria Howard, 214 855 1580

The Dallas Sierra Club is a non-profit conservation organization whose motto is Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet.  We are part of America's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, which was founded over 100 years ago by John Muir.


A How-to Guide to Profitable ECOpreneurship

By Tina Martin (

People in a garden













Image via Pexels

If you're a nature lover, you likely also have a passion for environmental causes.  To make good use of this personal interest, you might consider "ecopreneurship," starting a business of your own that helps to save the planet.  The Dallas Sierra Club invites you to read on for a roundup of resources that can help you establish your very own startup, so you can make money while safeguarding the earth.

Start By Researching Business Models

Follow these tips to find a business niche that will help the environment and make money.

  • Educate yourself about possible eco-friendly business models, like organic catering, upcycling furniture, or solar panel installation.
  • Do market research to see what types of environmentally friendly goods or services are in demand in your marketplace.
  • Calculate your required startup expenses so you can get the business loan you need to begin operations.

Address the Administrative Steps for Starting a Business

These practical points are needed for any entrepreneurial endeavor.

  • Develop a business plan that outlines how your business will be operated and structured.
  • Register your business with your state and, if necessary, with the federal government.
  • Research possible business bank accounts and open one up, separating your personal and professional finances.

Get the Tools You Need for Everyday Operations

The right technology and team will be the basis for success.

  • Invest in useful tech tools for small businesses, like project management and time tracking technology.
  • Hire volunteers and workers that share your values and commitment to eco-conscious causes.
  • Consider outsourcing certain tasks that don't need to be in-house, like accounting.
  • If you can't afford an accountant, purchase software to run accounting.  The best platform will offer a variety of features from expense tracking to invoicing to payroll.

Invest in Marketing to Expand Your Reach

Follow these tips to spread the word about your eco-conscious venture.

  • Establish a strong brand that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Try cost-efficient digital marketing techniques like blogging and social media.
  • Make a custom logo yourself using free design tools online.  A customizable template enables you to create a logo that matches up with your business model.

Making money and saving the environment don't have to be mutually exclusive.  You can do both.  However, it will take some careful planning.  Just follow the tips for ECOpreneurship described above to get started.


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Movie IconVideos of prior General Meetings are on YouTube.  Click here for a list of meetings with varied topics such as national parks, Critterman, beautiful photos from around the world, wild animals, activism, and more.


Dallas Sierra Club Outreach Speakers Program - Speakers for Your Group

The Dallas Sierra Club provides outdoor/environmental education in the form of entertaining and informative presentations by Dallas Sierra Club members with expertise in the topics offered. These presentations range in length from 30 minutes to one hour and cover a variety of topics in the general categories of outdoor adventure, environmental education, and general ecology. These talks are appropriate for a wide range of audiences including youth groups, school classes, civic and social groups, nature and gardening clubs, church groups, etc. Any group interested in an available topic is welcome to contact us. To see available topics and to schedule your speaker, click here.


What's Going On

Aug 9 General Meeting - August 9

Aug 28 Dallas Organic Gardening Club Meeting

Aug 31-Sep 4 Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico

Sep 7 Dallas Sierra Club Executive Committee Meeting

Sep 13 General Meeting - September 13

Sep 25 Dallas Organic Gardening Club Meeting

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